I am so delighted and excited to launch the world’s first subscription video on demand (SVOD) service dedicated entirely to disability, DisabilityBusters.com This site is the result of more than two decades of work making programs about disability plus months of tedious coding, compressing and generally arguing with computers – an often pointless but satisfying exercise. Over the next few months our online catalogue will grow as we upload more seasons of No Limits and track down wonderful disability proud programming. By supporting DisabilityBusters.com with your monthly or annual membership you’ll also be helping to fund the production of new shows made with the disability community group Disability Media. We know that there’s precious little representation of proud disabled people in the media so here at DisabilityBusters.com you can immerse yourself in ideas, issues, banter, comedy and our friendly and entertaining disabled performers and presenters. We’ve tried to make DisabilityBusters.com as accessible as we can. All of our shows come with open captions. All our images are described for screen readers. It’s our intention that our new in house content will also come with audio description and we’re aware that some of you might be disappointed that it’s not currently on everything. I do hope you enjoy our catalogue. We’ll be uploading a new (or in fact older) season of No Limits each month. We’ve started with the newest season and we’re working backwards, just to be different. The first 15 days on DisabilityBusters.com are completely free so if you want to sign up – binge on our catalogue and then unsubscribe within the first 15 days that’s fine – of course we’d love you to stay and be a part of our community but you can go if you must. As the site is completely new, there’s sure to be a few tweaks and adjustments that might be needed. If you see a problem do let us know – a discreet email is good or if you like what you see then feel free to shout out via our comments section. We hope that many of you will sign up and we especially appreciate those early adopters who will provide really valuable support just through joining. Season 14 of No Limits is a ripper – produced by the wonderful Kath Duncan it pushes boundaries around what you thought you knew about disability. There’s an episode on Kink, Blogging, disability hate crimes and our tribute to the much missed late Stella Young – recorded just days after her sudden death in December 2014. So sign up, sit back, and enjoy DisabilityBusters.com We’ll have another season of No Limits ready for you in early April…. And don’t forget to tell the world if you like what you see. disabilitybusters_logo_standard_right_horizontal_BLACK

Sarah Barton
Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm the creator behind Disability Busters. I've been making films on disability for over 20 years.


    1. Can I subscribe to the blog without becoming a subscriber to watch the films. I would just like to keep up with what you all are doing. And good to meet you at Exclusion and Embrace.

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