At Disability Busters we’ve been making films about disability for more than 20 years and this site is our way of sharing our work with you – the people who want to understand disability a bit better.  Some of our content is free – or free for a short while and some can be purchased. We even sell old school DVD’s because we know that many of you like to own a copy in a format that’s tangible.  If you’d like to purchase some of our films just click on our Shop page.
Stella Young - Co-writer of Casa Del Crip
Stella Young – Co-writer of Casa Del Crip
This week’s highlighted film is the short comedy Casa Del Crip which was recently featured in the AACTA Social Shorts program.  Casa Del Crip was written by me – Sarah Barton, Madeleine Dyer (who plays the horrible Stacey in the film), Daniel Mulvihill and Stella Young.  Many of you will know Stella for her sharp comedy (she won Best Newcomer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2014) and her pivotal role as editor of the ABC disability portal Ramp Up (before it was defunded in 2014).  Sadly Stella died suddenly in December 2014 and is greatly missed by all of us here and the broader disability community.  We feel so privileged to have worked with Stella over many years on No Limits and more recently on Casa Del Crip.  Casa Del Crip was such a delight to write with many hours spent drinking and laughing in bars, cafes and our homes during 2013.  Then came the hard work of trying to make all the jokes and characters we’d dreamed up fit into a narrative comedy. The film features a number of disabled performers and we decided to cast the film right at the beginning of the process.  The successful actors were then supported to create their own characters within the context of a share house scenario.  Some actors chose to play quite close to themselves while others devised elaborate personas to inhabit.  The four writers then set about building a story for the comedy which highlights the depths of nastiness and selfishness of the alpha male of the group Sebastian.  The show stealer is undoubtedly Sebastian’s bubble headed girlfriend Stacey who thinks she can effortlessly become in house carer for the household.  Stacey loves being around disabled people “because they make me feel really good about myself”.
Stacey and Sebastian go shopping for "pity booze"
Stacey and Sebastian go shopping for “pity booze”
You can watch Casa Del Crip as part of your Disability Busters subscription.

Sarah Barton
Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm the creator behind Disability Busters. I've been making films on disability for over 20 years.


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