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No Limits Season 11 Episode 11

Published on Jul 06, 2019 No Limits Season 11

Rural Communities: Louis is joined by No Limits producer, Naomi Chalney, and head back to her home town to crack the myth of poor accessibility in rural communities through the lens of their acquired disabilities. How long is a simple trip to the shops and is there adequate public transport between towns? We hear from representatives from rural community councils and Beyond Disability CEO, Richard Stubbs, discusses the potential of IT in countering some problems in rural areas.

Hosts: Elvira Alic, Phineas Meere, Carly Findlay, Michael Uniacke, Louis Rowe, Brian Caccianiga, Kevin Boyce and Akash Temple. Guests: Leanne Wishart, Bill Lawler, Alisha McDonald, Andrew Murray, Dale Reddick, Linda D'Ornay and Richard Stubbs.

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