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No Limits Season 11 Episode 10

Published on Jul 06, 2019 No Limits Season 11

Acquired Disabilities: Carly leads a panel featuring the No Limits cast discussing their different acquired disabilities, and coming to terms with the transition into the world of disability. Young Australian of the Year, Anj Barker, drops by to share her story about facing life in a nursing home and finding her independence. Phil interviews Dr. Megan Munsi and Dr. Mario D'Cruz about 'Stem Cell Tourism and Louis talks about his overseas treatments.

Hosts: Elvira Alic, Phineas Meere, Carly Findlay, Michael Uniacke, Louis Rowe, Brian Caccianiga, Kevin Boyce and Akash Temple. Guests: Anj Barker, Dr. Mario D'Cruz and Dr. Megan Munsi. Panel: Carly Findlay, Larry Lordi, Phineas Meere, Brian Caccianiga and Kevin Boyce.

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